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Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are the seeds from trees grown in the tropical rain forests of the Amazon in South America.  The tree yields 4-6 inch (10-15 cm) pods, which contain between 8 to 24 seeds (brazil nuts) and are very labor intensive to harvest.  Soft, ivory-colored nutmeat covered in a thin brown skin is enclosed in a three-sided hard, dark brown, roughly-textured shell.

They are sold shelled or unshelled.  To ensure freshness, buy unshelled as brazil nuts have a high oil content and turn rancid quickly.  Unshelled nuts can be stored in a dry cool place for 6 months.  Shelled nuts can be stored in airtight plastic bags in your freezer for 6 months or refrigerator for 3 months. 

With their sweet, soft, buttery flavor (a little like coconut) they are good to eat by hand or in desserts and pastries. 

Brazil Nuts are rich in selenium.